Karmic Relationships Vol. 5, seven lectures by Rudolf Steiner (CW 239) given in Prague and Paris between March 29th and May 25th, 1924. Translated by D.S. Osmond. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London.

This set will eventually consist of 8 volumes. In the english translations they are organized as follows:

Volumes I to IV are lectures given in Dornach (49)

Volume V. Lectures given in Prague (4) and Paris (3)

Volume VI is Lectures given in Berne (2), Zurich (1), Stuttgart (3) and Arnhem (3)

Volume VII is lecture given in Breslau (9)

Volume VIII is Lecture given in Torquay (3) and London (3).

However, I have designed the file names that you will download in such a way that by erasing the first three numbers the remaining numbers are the chronological ordering that, I believe, is in the original German. So a possibility is that a person could duplicate the files and erase the first three numbers and obtain a new listing but now in chronological order.


The whole book as a zip file.

1. Lecture 1 (Prague, 29 March 1924)

2. Lecture 2 (Prague, 30 March 1924)

3. Lecture 3 (Prague, 31 March 1924)

4. Lecture 4 (Prague, 5 April 1924)

5. Lecture 5 (Paris, 23 May 1924)

6. Lecture 6 (Paris, 24 May 1924)

7. Lecture 7 (Paris, 25 May 1924)

Finally, after finishing all 8 volumes of the Karmic Relationships, I have constructed a zip file that, when downloaded, will unpack all the 81 lectures in chronological order. Be aware that this is a large file, about 740 MB and will take a while to download if you so choose. Clicking on the link below will begin the download immediately.