Spiritual Foundations for a renewal of Agriculture. A cycle of lectures by Rudolf Steiner. Held in Koberwitz, Silesia, June 7 to June 16, 1924 (CW 327) (A very special thank you to the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Organization for their kind permission to provide this free of charge to all interested persons)

For your convenience, below is a zip file of this entire set of lectures. It does require that you have an unzipping utility of some kind on your computer. For you mac people this is built in.

The podcasts of these lectures are at : http://rudolfsteiner.podbean.com/category/agriculture/

The Entire Book Agriculture


Introductory: Rudolf Steiner's report to members of the Anthroposophical Society after the Agriculture Course (Dornach, June 20, 1924)

1. Lecture One: Words of gratitude and introduction... (Saturday, June 7, 1924)

2. Lecture Two: The farm as individuality "standing in on its head" (Tuesday, June 10, 1924)

3. Lecture Three: How Cosmic Forces work through the substances (Wednesday, June 11, 1924)

4. Lecture Four: Substances and Forces in human and plant nutrition (Thursday, June 12, 1924)

5. First Discussion: (Thursday, June 12, 1924)

6. Lecture Five: Manuring as a replenishing of the soil's forces (Friday, June 13, 1924)

7. Second Discussion (Friday, June 13, 1924)

8. Lecture Six: Weeds, pests and plant diseases and the influence of the planets. (Saturday, June 14, 1924)

9. Third Discussion (Saturday, June 14, 1924)

10. Lecture Seven: The need to recognize the subtle interactions in nature. (Sunday, June 15, 1924)

11. Lecture Eight: Principles for feeding animals. (Monday, June 16, 1924)

12. Fourth Discussion (Monday, June 16, 1924)

13. Address to Members of the Agricultural Experimental Circle (Wednesday, June 11, 1924)

14. Appendix B: Further Agricultural Indications by Rudolf Steiner.