The Aims of Anthroposophy and the Purpose of the Goetheanum CW 84, eleven lectures (his last public lectures) by Rudolf Steiner. Translated by Matthew Barton.


The whole book as a zip file.

Lecture 1. The Purpose of the Goetheanum and the Aims of Anthroposophy (Basel, 9 April 1923)

Lecture 2. Enhancing Human Powers of Perception to Develop Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition (Dornach, 14 April 1923) [Semi-Public]

Lecture 3. Human Soul Life and the Development of Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition (Dornach, 15 April 1923) [Lecture 2, Semi-Public]

Lecture 4. Experience and Perception of the Activities of Thinking and Speech (Dornach, 20 April 1923) [Lecture 3, Semi-Public]

Lecture 5. The Physical World and Moral–Spiritual Impulses: Four Stages of Inner Experience (Dornach, 21 April 1923) [Lecture 4, Semi-Public]

Lecture 6. Perceiving the Etheric World (Dornach, 22 April 1923) [Lecture 5, Semi-Public]

Lecture 7. Soul’s Eternity in the Light of Anthroposophy (Prague, 27 April 1923) [Lecture 1]

Lecture 8. Human Development and Education in the Light of Anthroposophy (Prague, 30 April 1923) [Lecture 2]

Lecture 9. Supersensible Perception, Anthroposophy as a Contemporary Need (Vienna, 26 September 1923) [Lecture 1]

Lecture 10. Anthroposophy and the Ethical and Religious Life (Vienna, 29 September 1923) [Lecture 2]

Lecture 11. How Do We Gain Knowledge of the Supersensible World? (Paris, 26 May 1924)