Anthroposophy and the Inner Life: An Esoteric Introduction CW 234, nine lectures given by Rudolf Steiner from 19th of January to the 10th of February, 1924, in Dornach Switzerland. (Previously known as Anthroposophy: An Introduction). Translated by V. Compton-Burnett. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London.


A zip file of the entire book.

1. Lecture 1: Anthroposophy as what men long for today (19th January, 1924)

2. Lecture 2: Meditation (20 January, 1924)

3. Lecture 3: The transition from ordinary knowledge to the science of initiation (27th January 1924)

4. Lecture 4: 'Meditation' and 'Inspiration' (1st February 1924)

5. Lecture 5: Love, Intuition and the human ego (2nd February 1924)

6. Lecture 6: Respiration, Warmth and the Ego (3rd February 1924)

7. Lecture 7: Dream-life and external reality (8th February 1924)

8. Lecture 8: Dreams, Imaginative cognition and the building of destiny (9th February 1924)

9. Lecture 9: Phases of memory and the real self (10th February 1924)