Through the independent gracious initiative of a supporter of this site, one can obtain an audio cd set of the listed books below. The effort has been made to make them available in an affordable a manner as possible. In light of the varying ability of persons to pay, a sliding scale has been designed by Shiloh in order to give people the opportunity to donate more so that others can also obtain this who have less means. This first set is approximately 7 audio discs in size. (It is the 2008 recording.) Lastly, I should mention that these are the hi resolution files and NOT the mp3 files.

If you have any further questions, please contact Shiloh at:

Knowledge of Higher Worlds

According to Matthew

Agriculture Course

The Arts and Their Mission

Although this website process of establishing links for each book will take time, Shiloh has informed me that he can do ANY BOOK one might desire and you would just need to contact him through his email.