Seven Lectures held in various cities November 29, 1917 - October 16, 1918 by Rudolf Steiner (CW 182)

For your convenience, below is a zip file of this entire set of lectures. It does require that you have an unzipping utility of some kind on your computer. For you mac people this is built in.

The Entire Book Death as a Metamorphosis of Life


1. The Three Realms of the Dead: Life between Death and Rebirth (Bern, November 29, 1917)

2. Death as Metamorphosis of Life (Nuremberg, Febrary 10, 1918)

3. Humanity and the World (Heidenheim, April 29, 1918)

4. Signs of the Times: East, West, and Central Europe (Ulm, April 30, 1918)

5. Rebellion Against the Spirit (Hamburg, June 30, 1918)

6. What Does the Angel Do in Our Astral Body? (Zurich, October 9 1918)

7. How Can I Find Christ? (Zurich, October 16, 1918)