Eurythmy as Visible Speech CW 279, a cycle of fifteen lectures and addenda by Rudolf Steiner. Given in Dornach, Switzerland from 24th June to 12th July, 1924 and translated by Vera and Judy Compton-Burnett. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London.


The whole book as a zip file.

1. Lecture 1: Eurythmy as Visible Speech (Dornach, 24th June 1924)

2. Lecture 2: The Character of the Individual Sounds (Dornach, 25th June 1924)

3. Lecture 3: The Gestures: How they are formed and experienced (Dornach, 26th June 1924)

4. Lecture 4: The Individual Sounds and their Combination (Dornach, 27th June 1924)

5. Lecture 5: The Mood and Feeling of a Poem (Dornach, 30th June 1924)

6. Lecture 6: Different Aspects of the Soul-life. The Inner Nature of Colour (Dornach, 1st July 1924)

7. Lecture 7: The Plastic Formation of Speech (Dornach, 2nd July 1924)

8. Lecture 8: The Word as Definition and the Word in its Context (Dornach, 3rd July 1924)

9. Lecture 9: Plastic Speech (Dornach, 4th July 1924)

10. Lecture 10: Movements arising out of the Being of Man (Dornach, 7th July 1924)

11. Lecture 11: How one may enter into the Nature of Gesture and Form (Dornach, 8th July 1924)

12. Lecture 12: The Outpouring of the Human Soul in Form and Movement: the curative effect of this upon the moral and psychic Nature and its reaction upon the whole Being of Man (Dornach, 9th July 1924)

13. Lecture 13: Moods of Soul which arise out of the Gestures for the Sounds (Dornach, 10th July 1924)

14. Lecture 14: The Inner Structure of the Words. The Inner Structure of Verse (Dornach, 11th July 1924)

15. Lecture 15: In Eurythmy the Body must become Soul (Dornach, 12th July 1924)

16. Addenda: How does Eurythmy stand with regard to the Artistic Development of the Present Day? (Dornach, 26th December 1923); The Position of Eurythmy in the Anthroposophical Society [From the News Sheet] (8th June, 1924); Veils, Dresses and Colours (Dornach, 4th August 1922); The Eurythmy Figures: from lectures, Dornach 4th August 1922 and Penmaenmawr, 26 August 1923; Eurythmy and its Relationship to the Other Arts (Dornach 21st July 1923)