Initiation Science and the Development of the Human Mind CW 228, a collection of eight lectures and a Report by Rudolf Steiner given in Dornach, London and Stuttgart between 27 July and 16 September 1923. Translated by Anna Meuss. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London.


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Part One: The Spirits inhabiting our Planetary System: Planets which determine destiny and those which free humanity.

1. Lecture 1

2. Lecture 2

3. Lecture 3

Part Two: Man as the Image of Cosmic Spirits and their Activities

4. Lecture 4

Part Three: Report on my visit to England [and Wales] and the work done there.

5. Report given on September 9, 1923.

Part Four: The Druid Priest's Sun Initiation and his Perception of the Moon Spirits.

6. Lecture 5

Part Five: The Past, Present and Future Development of the Human Mind.

7. Lecture 6

8. Lecture 7

9. Lecture 8