Inner Reading and Inner Hearing And How to Achieve Existence in the World of Ideas. 11 lectures in 2 courses, with 2 Christmas lectures, October-December, 1914 (CW 156) by Rudolf Steiner


The Entire Book as a Zip File.

Part 1: Inner Reading and Inner Hearing

Lecture 1: The Human Being in Relationship to the World (Dornach, October 3, 1914)

Lecture 2: Identification with the Signs and Spiritual Realities of the Imaginative World (Dornach, October 4, 1914)

Lecture 3: The Vowels and Consonants of the Spiritual World (Dornach, October 5, 1914)

Lecture 4: Inner Mobility of Thought (Dornach, October 6, 1914)

Lecture 5: Times of Expectation (Dornach, October 7, 1914)

Part 2: How to Achieve Existence in the World of Ideas

Lecture 6: The Human Organization, Memory and Inner Reading (Dornach, December 12, 1914)

Lecture 7: Microcosm and Macrocosm: Human Gestures and the Life of the World (Dornach, December 13, 1914)

Lecture 8: Human Beings as Illuminators of the Cherubim, Heaters of the Seraphim (Dornach, December 19, 1914)

Lecture 9: The Separation of Art, Science, and Religion (Dornach, December 20, 1914)

Part 3: The Celebration of Christmas

Lecture 10: Toward a New Understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha (Dornach, December 26, 1914)

Lecture 11: The Birth of Christ in the Human Heart (Basel, December 27, 1914)