A collection of 9 lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in Berlin between July 31 and September 25, 1917. (CW 176)

For your convenience, below is a zip file of this entire set of lectures. It does require that you have an unzipping utility of some kind on your computer. For you mac people this is built in.

The Entire Book The Karma of Materialism


1a. Foreword by Owen Barfield

1. Forgotten Aspects of Cultural Life (July 31, 1917)

2. False Analogies (August 7)

3. Rhythm in Breathing and Cognition (August 14)

4. Spiritual Courage versus Indolence (August 21)

5. Christ and the Present (August 28)

6. Reflections of the Times (September 4)

7. Luther (September 11)

8. Luther 2 (September 18)

9. Spiritual Science and Insight (September 25)