The Mission of the New Spirit Revelation: The Pivotal Nature of the Christ Event in Earth Evolution (CW 127), sixteen lectures by Rudolf Steiner given at various locations between 5 January and 26 December 1911. Translated by Matthew Barton.


The whole book as a zip file.

Lecture 1. The diverse Eras of Humanity’s Evolution and Their Effects upon the Human Bodily Sheaths (Mannheim 5, January 1911)

Lecture 2. The Effect of Moral Qualities on Karma (Wiesbaden 7, January 1911)

Lecture 3. The Inwardness of the Human Soul and Its Relationship to the World (Frankfurt 8, January 1911)

Lecture 4. The Connection of the Bodies of the Human Being with Humanity’s Evolution and Human Biography (Munich 11, February 1911)

Lecture 5.Wisdom, Prayerfulness and Certainty in Life (Basel 23, February 1911)

Lecture 6. The “I” at Work upon the Child and How this Relates to the Christ Being (Zurich 25, February 1911)

Lecture 7. The Influx of Spiritual Insights into Life (St Gallen 26, February 1911)

Lecture 8. Ossian and Fingal’s Cave (Berlin 3, March 1911)

Lecture 9. The Importance of Spiritual Enquiry for Moral Action (Bielefeld 6, March 1911)

Lecture 10. Aphorisms on the Relationship between Spiritual Science and Philosophy (Prague 28, March 1911)

Lecture 11. Original Sin and Grace (Munich 3, May 1911)

Lecture 12. The Mission of the New Spirit Revelation (Copenhagen 5, June 1911)

Lecture 13. Faith, Love, Hope (Vienna 14, June 1911)

Lecture 14. Symbolism and Imagination in Relation to the Play (Berlin 19, December 1911)

Lecture 15. Christmas—a Festival of Inspiration (Berlin 21, December 1911)

Lecture 16. The Birth of the Sun Spirit as Earth Spirit: (and) Appendix: The Threefold Call from the World of Spirit (Hanover 26, December 1911) and (Heidenheim 30, November 1911) respectively