The Mystery of Death CW 159, fifteen lectures given to members of the Anthroposophical Society in various locations between 31 January and 19 June 1915. Translated by Simon Blaxland-de Lange.


The whole book as a zip file.

Lecture 1. The Four Platonic Virtues and Their Connection with the Mystery of Man’s Being (Zurich, 31 January 1915)

Lecture 2. The Passing of a Human Being through the Gate of Death—a Transformation of Life (Hanover, 19 February 1915)

Lecture 3. Spiritual Science and the Riddles of Death—Deeper Connections of European History (Bremen, 21 February 1915)

Lecture 4. The Intimate Element of Central-European Culture and Its Aspirations (Leipzig, 7 March 1915)

Lecture 5. The Entry of the Christ Impulse into Historical Events (Nuremberg, 13 March 1915)

Lecture 6. Moral Impulses and Their Results—the Cultural Impulse of Eurythmy (Nuremberg, 14 March 1915)

Lecture 7. Cosmic Influences upon the Members of Man’s Being—the Significance of Sacrificial Death (Vienna, 7 May 1915)

Lecture 8. The War, a Pathological Process—the Dead as the Helpers of Human Progress (Vienna, 9 May 1915)

Lecture 9. Man’s Relationship to the Kingdoms of Nature and to the Hierarchies (Prague, 13 May 1915)

Lecture 10. Ahrimanic Inspiration and Spiritual Impulses—the Symbol of the Rose Cross (Prague, 15 May 1915)

Lecture 11. Christ in Relation to Lucifer and Ahriman—the Threefold Nature of this Form (Linz, 18 May 1915)

Lecture 12. Spiritual Science as a Conviction—the Etheric Body as a Reflection of the Universe (Elberfeld, 13 June 1915)

Lecture 13. Community above Us—Christ within Us (Düsseldorf, 15 June 1915)

Lecture 14. Man’s experiences after Passing through the Gate of Death (Düsseldorf, 17 June 1915)

Lecture 15. Overcoming Death through Cognitive Insight (Cologne, 19 June 1915)