What is Necessary in These Urgent Times: A collection of 18 lecturs by Rudolf Steiner, held in Dornach between January 9 and February 22, 1920. (CW 196)


Lectures 1-9 as a Zip File

Lectures 10-18 as a Zip File

Lecture 1: The Science of Initiation and the Realities of Life

Lecture 2: Illusion and Evil

Lecture 3: Knowledge of the Human Being through Knowledge of the World

Lecture 4: The Necessity for the Development of New Social Forms

Lecture 5: Initiation Science in the Light of Modern Thinking

Lecture 6: Conditions for Understanding Supersensible Experiences

Lecture 7: Thinking, Feeling, and Willing in Social Life

Lecture 8: The Nature of the Threefold Social Organism

Lecture 9: Historical Backgrounds and Personalities

Lecture 10: The Foundations of a New Social Form

Lecture 11: Spiritual Realities in Practical Life

Lecture 12: Transforming Social Life through a New Understanding of Christianity

Lecture 13: Memory, Intelligence, and the Senses in Relation to the Spiritual World

Lecture 14: The Metamorphosis of Feeling, Desiring, and Wanting

Lecture 15: A Spiritual Contemplation of Threefolding

Lecture 16: The Development of Imperialism: I

Lecture 17: The Development of Imperialism: II

Lecture 18: The Development of Imperialism: III