The New Spirituality and the Experience of Christ of the twentieth century CW 200, seven lectures by Rudolf Steiner, given in Dornach from the 17th to the 31st of October, 1920. Translated by Paul King. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London and Steinerbooks of the US.


A zip file of the entire book.

1. Lecture 1: Significant moments of world history. (17 October, 1920)

2. Lecture 2: The development of the I-consciousness since the fifiteenth century. (22 October, 1920)

3. Lecture 3: Development in the three streams arising from the decline of Rome. (23 October, 1920)

4. Lecture 4: Shiller's Aesthetic Letters and Goete's Fairy-tale (24 October, 1920)

5. Lecture 5: The change in the soul-constitution of humanity since the fifteenth century. (29 October, 1920)

6. Lecture 6: The development of the perception of Christ from Gnosis up to the present. (30 October, 1920)

7. Lecture 7: The future spiritual battle between the East and the West. (31 October, 1920)