Rethinking Economics: Lectures and Seminars on World Economics. Fourteen lectures and six seminars by Rudolf Steiner held in 1922, from July 24 to August 6. (CW 340/341)


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The Lectures

Lecture 1: The Transition from Industrial, National Economies to a World Economy

Lecture 2: The Fluid Nature of Economic Processes

Lecture 3: Economics and Egotism

Lecture 4: Labor and Value

Lecture 5: Production and Consumption

Lecture 6: Price, Cultural Activity, and Gift

Lecture 7: Price Formation

Lecture 8: Supply and Demand

Lecture 9: Trade, Loan, and Industrial Capital

Lecture 10: Associations

Lecture 11: World Economy

Lecture 12: Money

Lecture 13: Spiritual-Cultural Needs

Lecture 14: World Economy: Living Concept

The Seminars:

Seminar 1: Points of Method and “The Social Question”

Seminar 2: Economics, Physical Processes, and Concepts of Work

Seminar 3: The Division of Labor and the Relationship between Consumers and Producers

Seminar 4: Value and the Nature of Work

Seminar 5: Capital and the Monetary System

Seminar 6: The Use of Money; Threefolding the Human Being and the Social Organism