The Spirit of the Waldorf School, lectures surrounding the founding of the first Waldorf School, Stuttgart - 1919 (CW 297). Six lectures and an essay by Rudolf Steiner.


The Complete book as a Zip File

1. Lecture 1: The Intent of the Waldorf School (Stuttgart, August, 24, 1919)

2. Lecture 2: The Spirit of the Waldorf School (Stuttgart, August 31)

3. Lecture 3: A Lecture for Prospective Parents of the Waldorf School (Stuttgart, August 31)

4. Lecture 4: Supersensible Knowledge and Social Pedagogical Life (Stuttgart, September 23)

5. Lecture 5: The Social Pedagogical Significance of Spiritual Science (Basel, November 25)

6. Lecture 6: Spiritual Science and Pedagogy (Basel, November 27)

7. Essay: The Pedagogical Objective of the Waldorf School in Stuttgart (An essay by Rudolf Steiner from the journal "The Social Future"; February 1920)