Spirit as Sculptor of the Human Organism CW 218, a collection of 16 lectures by Rudolf Steiner. Given in Stuttgart, Dornach, The Hague, London and Berlin from October 9-December 9, 1922. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London. Translated by Matthew Barton.


The whole book as a zip file.


1. Lecture 1: Experiences During Sleep: Their Spiritual Context and Significance for our Daily Life. (Stuttgart, 9 October 1922)

2. Lecture 2: The Human Spirit and Soul Between Death and a New Birth (Stuttgart, 14 October 1922)

PART II: The Spirit as Sculptor of the Human Organism

3. Lecture 3: (Dornach, 20 October 1922)

4. Lecture 4: (Dornach, 22 October 1922)

5. Lecture 5: (Dornach, 23 October 1922)


6. Lecture 6: Hidden Aspects of Human Existence and the Christ Impulse (The Hague, 5 November 1922)

PART IV: The Human Soul's Experience During Sleep and After Death in the World of Spirit

7. Lecture 7: Experiences of Spirit and Soul During Sleep (London, 12 November 1922)

8. Lecture 8: The Battle for Human Nature Between Luciferic and Ahrimanic Beings (London, 16 November 1922)

9. Lecture 9: Experience Betweem Death and a New Birth as Consequence of Karma. Creating the Conditions for our Return to a New Life on Earth (London, 19 November 1922)


10. Lecture 10: Exact Knowledge of Supersensible Worlds Through Anthroposophic Spiritual Science [semi-public lecture] (London, 17 November 1922)

11. Lecture 11: Christ from the Perspective of Anthroposophy [semi-public] (London, 18 November 1922)

12. Lecture 12: Moral Education from the Perspective of Anthroposophy [semi-public] (London, 19 November 1922)


13. Lecture 13: The Art of Education Founded on Insights into the Human Being [public lecture] (London, 20 November 1922)


14. Lecture 14: How the Human Being's Life on Earth Relates to his Life Between Death and a New Birth (Stuttgart, 4 December 1922)


15. Lecture 15: Human Experience of the Etheric Cosmos (Berlin, 7 December 1922)


16. Lecture 16: The Human Being and Supersensible Worlds: Hearing, Speaking, Singing, Walking, Thinking (Stuttgart, 9 December 1922)