The Social Future. A cycle of six lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in Zurich, Switzerland in October 1919. Collected Works volume 332a.

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1. Lecture 1: The Social Question as a Cultural Question, a question of Equity, and a Question of Economics

2. Lecture 2: The Organization of a Practical Economic Life on the Associative Basis. Transformation of the Market and Fixing of Prices. Money and Taxation. Credit.

3. Lecture 3: Legal Questions. The Task and the Limitations of Democracy. Public Law. Criminal Law.

4. Lecture 4: Cultural Questions. Spiritual Science (Art, Science, Religion). The Nature of Education. Social Art.

5. Lecture 5: The Co-operation of the Spiritual, Political, and Economic Departments of Life for the Building Up of a Unified Threefold Social Organism.

6. Lecture 6: National and International Life in the Threefold Social Organism