True and False Paths in Spiritual Investigation CW 243, a cycle of eleven lectures by Rudolf Steiner given in Torquay and Devon, England from the 11th to the 22nd of August, 1924. Translated by A.H. Parker and brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London.

[This is a re-reading of the same cycle that was previously recorded under the title "INITIATE CONSCIOUSNESS".]


A zip file of the entire book.

1. Lecture 1: Nature is the Great Illusion, "Know Thyself" (11 August, 1924)

2. Lecture 2 The Three Worlds and their reflected Images (12 August)

3. Lecture 3: Form and Substantiality of the Mineral Kingdom in relation to Man's States of Consciousness. (13 August)

4. Lecture 4: The Secret of Investigation into other Realms through the Metamorphosis of Consciousness (14 August)

5. Lecture 5: The inner Vitalization of the Soul through the Qualities of the Metallic Nature (15 August)

6. Lecture 6: Initiation Knowledge. Waking Consciousness and Dream Consciousness (16 August)

7. Lecture 7: Knowledge of the World of Stars. Differentiation of the historical Epochs of Mankind and their spiritual Background (18 August)

8. Lecture 8: Potential Aberrations in spiritual Investigation (19 August)

9. Lecture 9: Abnormal Paths into the Spiritual World and their Transformation (20 August)

10. Lecture 10: Influences of the extra-terrestrial Cosmos upon the Consciousness of Man (21 August)

11. Lecture 11: What is the Position in respect of spiritual Investigation and the Understanding of spiritual Investigation? (22 August)