World History and the Mysteries in the Light of Anthroposophy CW 233, a cycle of 9 lectures given by Rudolf Steiner during the evenings of the founding of the General Anthroposophical Society, The Christmas Conference. The first 8 lectures were translated by George and Mary Adams. Lecture 9 is translated by Dorothy Osmond. Brought to you with the permission of Rudolf Steiner Press of London.


The whole book as a zip file.

1. Lecture 1: The development of memory in the course of human evolution

2. Lecture 2: Ancient Oriental experience of the world

3. Lecture 3: Gilgamesh and Eabani - The Mysteries of Ephesus

4. Lecture 4: The Hibernian Mysteries and the Logos-Mysteries of Artemis at Ephesus

5. Lecture 5: The conception of Nature and of Spirit in Nature of the Oriental Mysteries and its shadow image in the Greek civilisation

6. Lecture 6: The time between the burning of the Temple of Artemis and the death of Julian the Apostate

7. Lecture 7: The losing of the insight into the relationship of man with the universe in modern times

8. Lecture 8: The jealousy of the Gods and the jealousy of men

9. Lecture 9: The right entry into the spiritual world - The responsibility incumbent on us