Staying Connected is a collection of selected talks and meditations by Rudolf Steiner, edited by Christopher Bamford.

For your convenience, below is a zip file of this entire set of lectures. It does require that you have an unzipping utility of some kind on your computer. For you mac people this is built in.

The Entire Book Staying Connected

Lecture 1: Overcoming the Abyss (Stuttgart, February 20, 1913)

Lecture 2: The Life of the Dead (Düsseldorf, April 27, 1913)

Lecture 3: Recovering the Connection (Bergen, October 10, 1913)

Lecture 4: The Presence of the Dead (Paris, May 25, 1914)

Lecture 5: The Blessings of the Dead (Paris, May 26, 1914)

Lecture 6: Works of Art, Acts of Grace (Berlin, December 7, 1915)

Lecture 7: How the Dead Influence the Living (Bern, November 9, 1916)

Lecture 8: The Dead Are Always with Us (Nuremberg, February 10, 1918)

Lecture 9: Uniting with the Universal Spirit (Berlin, March 5, 1918)

Lecture 10: The Feeling of Community and the Experience of Gratitude (Brlin, March 19, 1918)

Lecture 11: Trust in Life and the Rejuvenation of the Soul (Berlin, March 26, 1918)

Lecture 12: The Language of the Heart (London, August 30, 1922)

Lecture 13: Memento Mori (Dornach, July 4, 1924)

Lecture 14: First Experience with the Dead (Berlin, February 4, 1913)

Lecture 15: An Example of Working with the Dead (from Steiner's Autobiography)

Lecture 16: Advice on Meditation (from a letter by Steiner, 1905 to Paula Stryczek)

Lecture 17: The Importance of Self-Knowledgw in the Life after Death (Berlin, February 22, 1915)

Lecture 18: Meditations